DW3120 PDoA Antenna space

Hi there,
The EVB board (QM33120WDK2.0) I just bought has the antenna distance between 2 antennas is 2.2 cm, which is channel 5. It also is compatible with channel 9 if I switch the channel from 5 to 9 in the code ?
WIll the performance shift a lot if I design the antenna distance as channel 9 lamda?

ch5 antenna can perform on ch9, but with limited “angle”.
Say if for ch5 antenna for ch5 can operate well in -60/+60 and reasonable -90/+90, then this antenna would operate well for ch9 () for the range around -40/+40 deg, and reasonable in -60/+60-ish.
For 60…90 you would get jumps over 180 deg or all other range of strange angles.
but you need to rebuild an LUT fir ch5 anyenna running on ch9.

Appreciate your feedback.
Let’s say, if I use ch9 antenna in tag and ch9 antenna in anchor [QM33120WDK2.0(DW3120) with nRF52840-DK], should I change any setting in the reference code, twr_demotwr_demo_nRF52840.emProject ?
The antenna spacing between 2 identical antennas is lamda/2 (~ch9 frequency).