DW3120 IC config fail

Hi team,
I was implemented the TWR case with DWM3000 module. Now, I want to do the same thing on the ic DW3120 with single channel(one antenna) first. There are my problem below:

  1. Is dw3000 api work on dw3120? The device id of dw3120 is deca0314. In the dw3000_device_api.h. Supported device are deca0302 and deca0312.
  2. When I bypass the ckeck of device ID. I got failed in the procedure dwt_configure.
    Check procedures:
    1. dwt_checkidlerc()
    2. dwt_initialise(DWT_DW_INIT) == DWT_ERROR
    3. dwt_configure(&config) <<<<< failed here.
  3. How to set the dw3120 to use only one antenna?

Thanks a lot.