DW3020 RSSI level calculation


We are using DW3020 for DS-TWR for distance ranging.

  1. Please can you specify correct formula for calculating RSSI value.
  2. What is the ideal RSSI value for 1 meter, 2 meter distance? it will be very useful for reference.

We are following the calculation method Estimating the receive signal power shown in DW3000 User Manual page 48.

rssi = 10.0f * log10f(diag->ipatovPower * 0x200000/(diag->ipatovAccumCount * diag->ipatovAccumCount)) - (121.7);

Is the above method is correct?

Thank you

Hi Jagath,

1)The correct formula depends on your DGC configuration and PRF. Please check your application’s configuration and choose the correct formula in the User manual p.48.

2)Ideal RSSI value for different distances is also application-specific. It depends on the antenna gain for a specific direction of reception. If you know your antenna gain roughly, you can calculate the Free-space path loss and the estimated RSSI for your application.

Best regards,
Emre Ozbas