dw30000The transmission rate set for DW3000 is 6.8M, why is it calculated to be around 2M

May I ask you a question:
Transmit a 256 byte resp message and calculate the transmission rate. It was found that after the first final message, the calculated transmission rate was around 6M. After receiving the final message each time, the calculated transmission rate was around 2M。WHY?how improve transmission rate?

Hi @yali,

The data rate is by default 6.8 Mbps for DW3000. But this data rate is only applicable for the data portion of the frame.

I was wondering how you calculate a 2 Mbps data rate. Do you also measure that?

hello,calculate way follow:

You are mixing transmission rate of the PHY chip and overall performance of your system.

The frame which you are sending over the air has approx 70-140us overhead for each frame. Each of your 256bytes roughly also 256us long.

So the absolute maximum overal theoretical throughput of the system would be ~5.3MBps.

If you want to increase the datarate, increase the lenght of the payload