DW3000 vs. DW3000 Transmit Power

As part of the market research for my project, I have made a comparison between the DW1000 and the DW3000. I have discovered a main difference in the transmit power between both products.
I have managed to measure maximum transmit power of 0 dBm with the DW1000 while with the DW3000 I have measured only about -12dBm.

I have configured both to transmit the maximum power and I’ve still got bad results with the DW3000 compared to the DW1000. I have configured the Power Adjustment Register of the DW3000 to be 0x11111111 (I understood from the datasheet that this is the value for maximum power).

I have got a couple of questions about it:
What is the maximum transmit power of the DW3000?
Did I made the measurement right? Is this difference intentional or the problem is with my methods?
Does the maximum transmit power depend on the channel configuration? Are there any configurations where higher transmit power can be achieved?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Nadi13
indeed the DW1000 can transmit with higher power than the DW3000. But for for almost all world you can transmit at -41.3dB (but this might change soon for CE).

How did you measured the maximum transmit power? Your values seems to be to high to me.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I have a large loss on the front-end of my product so I need the modem to transmit high power to match the regulation. I’ve checked what is the maximum transmit power of the DW1000 and DW3000. The values in my original question are the total transmit power. compared to the -41.3dBm/MHz world regulation the values are -27dBm/MHz for the DW1000 and -38dBm/MHz for the DW3000.

Is this the maximum transmit power? If not, What is the highest transmit power?

Why 0x11111111? 0xFEFEFEFE?

Hi @Nadi13
I dont know where did you found -27dBm/MHz for world. But see: https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_en/302000_302099/30206501/01.03.01_20/en_30206501v010301a.pdf page 12 - Table 2 : Maximum value of mean power spectral density limit

For FCC is the same, for Japan only CH9 is allowed and the rest of the world mostly follows FCC/CE.