DW3000 user manual

Is anyone have DW3000 user manual?

It is available but requires a signed NDA

What is the procedure of NDA?

Hello Kenneth,

We work with DWM1000 for many years, but Iā€™d like to upgrade my design to DWM3000. Could please send me NDA to have user manual for my firmware developpement.
Could you please send us CE certification for this module?

Thanks for your feedback I really appreciate,


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You will need to contact Qorvo/Decawave sales and once the oppurtuinity is vetted they will help to get a NDA in place.

The datasheet and user manual of the DW3000 series have been released. See DW3000 IC - Decawave and DW3120 - Qorvo.

Hello @Bthomas,

I am working on the DWM1000 currently, I need the user manual of DWM1000. If you can provide me that would be very helpful for me.

I have worked on the sample code uploaded by Decawave. but now I want to learn more about this module.

Thank you.
Jainam Shah

The DWM1000 is basically a DM1000 IC with clock, antenna and required support passives connected. This means that the user manual for the module is the DW1000 user manual. This is available in the product documentation section of the decawave web site under DW1000 IC. I would also recommend looking at the application notes section of the web site if you are going to get into any detail of the system operation.
The direct link for the manual is here.

Thank you.

I want to work on the ranging process for 3 anchors and one tag using the DWM1000 module and STM32F429Zi board. Do you have any references for that?