DW3000 Two Antennas Design

I have some questions about designing this:

  1. I have read that I need one wavelength of space between antennas which on a small PCB is quite large. For Ch9 - 8 GHz - wavelength is 3.7 cm right? What is the smallest space that I can get away with?

  2. What are the smallest recommended chip antennas that I can use for PDoA? Right now I was using the ACS5200HFAUWB, but would prefer smaller ones.

Thank you for your help.

  1. Our recommend antenna spacing is 0.45 λ or 16.8mm at Ch9. This is to keep the maximum phase difference within ±180° for ±90° angle of arrival.
  2. other than the Partron ACS5200HFAUWB, there is Taoglas UWC 20 chip antenna or The Antenna Company AC71046 which is a PCB dual-antenna with optimized spacing for PDoA applications
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Hey Matthias this is really great information thank you!

Hi,Is the debugging successful? My board drifts a lot

What do you mean by drift? Noise or Drift?