DW3000 transmission distance

What is the maximum possible transmission distance of dw3000?

What channel? Do you need the answer in meters or feet…

Maximum possible distance is probably not a useful measure. If you are designing a system then you really want to know the maximum reliable distance.
Unfortunately it’s not so easy to say and will depend on the environment, your hardware and how you have the transmitter set up.

Channel 9, In meters

For channel 9, it is about 30-50 meters

hi,清研迅科,what about ch5?

It should be a little longer for the lower frequency.

But it depends a huge amount on antenna type, radio settings, height of antennas above the ground, physical environment…

so by using 4 anchors, and any number of tags, can you have the precise position every 30-50 mts2?
and if you want more distance, just add 4 more tags every 30-50 mts2?, Am I right or am I wrong?

Yes, by adding more anchors you can add more covered area. But there are limits to this.
The underlying technology should in theory allow you to extend it to cover any area you wanted. The limitation comes from the way anchor and tag IDs are allocated and how time is allocated and shared between devices. There will always be a trade offs between size, flexibility, update rate and complexity.
If you write your own system completely from scratch you can decide what these are, if you use an out of the box solution then you are limited by the choices they made.

We have a DW1000 based system installed that covers an area approximately 700m by 40m. It uses a reasonably large number of anchors :slight_smile:

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