DW3000 Series Options

I’m trying to get some info on the differences between the DW3000-series chips.

The DW3110 and DW3210 have exactly the same text on their product pages, and the only difference in their “parameters” section is the packaging type (WLCSP vs. QFN). Is the packaging type the only difference between the two?

The difference between the DW3120 and DW3220 is the number of antenna ports (1 vs. 2). In terms of practical applications, when would one need multiple antenna ports? If it offers improved accuracy, is this something that the chip (or the SDK) handles internally, or does it need to be manually programmed in the application?



X = package, 1 CSP, 2 qfn.
CSP super small, need high end pcb.
QFN easy to mount, but has 0.5dB less sensitivity due to packaging RF losses.

Y = AoA option, 1-noAoA, 2-AoA.

AoA is angle of arrival, require 2 antennae array, i.e. when you want get a direction from the received packet to a transmitter.

@alliv That’s very helpful, thank you. For the 2-antennae array, is the AoA calculation automatically handled by the SDK?

You need a special antenna fir AoA, Qorvo should help/supply it via FAE channel. Chip is automatically generates Phase difference of arrival, which then can be converted to AoA, for example via Look Up Table (LUT). Check DK packages for dw3000 family…