DW3000 PDoA Antenna

What are the preferable distances between two antennas when DW3000 is used for PDoA calculation?

They need to be at least be apart by Lambda/2.

In this case, DW3000 series is using Ch5&9, so Ch5 has the lower frequency and therefore the greater wavelength.
So we calculate the spacing for Ch5, because it then is still greater than minimum for Ch9.

Ch5 is around 6.5 GHz if I am not wrong.
If you calucalte Lambda from it, you will get 3.75 cm.
So Lambda/2 will be 1.875 cm.

So your antennas need to be at least 1.875 cm apart.

Of course this was just an example with rounded numbers.

But I have to admit, I don´t know if there is a maximum distance.

Cheers, Michael

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