DW3000 integration

Theoretically, if I were using a customized version of the DWM1004c module with its provided TWR firmware, how difficult would it be to swap the DW1000 for a DW3000. I want to utilize the security feature. Is it as simple as changing it out on the PCB, and then adding a section of the preamble in the firmware for the security part of the standard? Is there some guides or example codes for this? I really want to use this product!

Is it possible to buy the chip by itself? I see the schematic for it, is there any example firmware? How different is the firmware?

For others confused search DW3220. I am not sure if I can buy it yet, but I looks more possible. Also, I think the firmware is not available so maybe I will just go for it based on the datasheet. Wish me luck.

Do you need the DW3220 two RF ports and the QFN package? If not why not take the DWM3000 module (DW3110 CSP inside) as a starting point.

The firmware is different. But we provide a set of examples on Decwave.com

BTW DWM1004C footprint does not match DWM3000. DWM1000 and DWM3000 are a footprint match.

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Hi Kenneth,
Thank you for the advice. Since I am making custom devices, I don’t really want to use the modules. I was able to purchase the DW3220 from the online Qorvo store and will use the two RF ports and QFN package. I do see now that Decawave has supplied the schematic and PCB layout from the data sheet and that there is an API firmware for the DW3000 which does look different from the one for the DW1000 as you mentioned which is why I was confused at first. I am studying this now.