DW3000 development kit

Is there any development kit available with DW3000?

A limited qunatity of DWM3000-ES and DWS3000-ES will be stocked at Mouser towards the end of the month.

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are you able to share preliminary documentation Kenneth?

Not yet. The DWM3000 Product Brief wil be released soon.

The DWM3000-ES is size and pin comatible to the older DWM1000 - so a drop in replacement but with CH5 and CH9 support. The DWS3000-ES is the same arduino shield used for the DWS1000.


That’s great
We would be hapy to make a pre-order

Is it possible?


I ordered a few, but the expected shipping date is DEC 09, 2020…

I missed my change to order the development kit…
Are you planning to restock this kit?

I ordered DWM3000-ES and DWS3000-ES, Where can I get the datasheet and samples of DWM3000?