DW1001 MQTT external cloud based broker

Hi there,

I configured a cloud based free MQTT broker using maqiatto solution: https://www.maqiatto.com/
I modified with sudo nano /etc/dwm1001/dwm1001.config the configuration files on R3B+DWM1001-DEV configured as a gateway.
Using MQTT.fx I can connect to a local broker (using as broker address R3B IP, broker port 1883) and subscribe/publish all the network topics which have a prefix coherent with the settings written in dwm1001.config files, but I’m not able to connect to MQTT maqiatto cloud broker.
If I connect to MQTT maqiatto cloud broker through MQTT Websocket Interface I’m not able to view topics, WHY?
How can I upload network topics data directly on maqiatto broker ?
How can I check remotely if this upload has been successfully completed?


Maybe help you


Hi petersun,
I’ve already read this post. But I need more detailed and a step-by-step explanation.
Please, Can you help me?