DW1001 in listener mode - options


I have a network set up with 4 anchors and 2 tags, along with one listener tag.

As the current C API doesn’t seem to provide interfaces for the listener mode, I currently utilise the shell mode les command. However, I am having trouble understanding the output.


  1. Are the [x,y,z,quality] reported by the tags in the same units as the TLV position variable? i.e in millimetres?
  2. The optional distance reported is to the listener tag?

Hi Dewar,

The listener LES output is as follow :

[size=small][font=Courier New][001897.830 INF] loc_data: 1[/font][/size]
[size=small][font=Courier New] 0) CD1A[1.23,1.31,1.32,0,xCC][/font][/size]

On the first line :
[*][size=medium][font=Arial]1897.830 time stamp in s[/font][/size]
On the second line:

[]CD1A --> Tag name
]1.23 --> X coordinate in m
[]1.31 --> Y coordinate in m
]1.32 --> Z coordinate in m
[]0 --> Quality factor in percent (from 0 to 100)
]xCC -> sample counter
What are you referring to with the “optional distance” ?


Thanks for the explanation. The optional distance was from misinterpreting the line “Show distances to ranging anchors and the position if location engine is enabled.” from the API-guide. But you have cleared that up in the other thread, thanks!

About the tag names field - they don’t seem to correspond to the names set in the Android app?

I have also found the name does not update, it is the name associated to the physical tag, not sure if it can be changed.

Could you explain what the sample counter is?

Hi, im newbie, nice meet you all :smiley:

It would seem that the name is the panidthat the tag is assigned in the network. Unfortunately, I don’t see how to determine which a tags’s panid other than via the UART shell with the System info si command.