DW1001 Dev-Low-power Listening


I am working on a project with DW1001 Development Kit. Power consumption is the most important part, so I decided to use nRF52’s and DW1000’s lowest power modes. SYSTEM OFF state for nRF52 and low power listening mode for DW1000 chip. If I misunderstood sth please correct me. Assume that, both chip and microprocessor are in lowest power states. Periodically DW1000 chip sniffs the air and if there is no data it goes back to sleep. When a proper data caught by DW1000, it wakes up and starts reading process. During this time, it lowers SPICSn pin. That pin is also connected to the microprocessor. I want to use this High-to-Low change to wake up nRF52 from SYSTEM OFF state. After microprocessor completes its processes, it will go back to SYSTEM OFF state again. Is this possibe, please let me know if I misunderstood sth ?

Thanks in advance for your answers …

I don’t think that’s such a difficult question. Can someone please answer it ?