DW1000 UWB manufacturer firmware and codes for FCC certification


We are developing a device with an DWM1000 integrated, I want to know if there is any manufactuer firmware and/or codes to flash the module and run at FCC/CE certifcations.

Or if there is a Guide to create the codes and the binaries.

Thank you!

The DWM1001C running PANS has modular certification.
Any other hardware or firmware and you need to do your own approvals testing.

In terms of code to run during the approvals testing you need firmware to support a couple of modes; never transmit, normal operation, and constant worst case transmission.

Worst case transmission is your maximum possible output over a 1ms period. If you transmit packets that last over 1ms over the air your worst case is in a loop constantly transmitting.
If your packets are under 1ms long but you never transmit more than one packet in any given 1 ms period then worst case is transmitting your longest possible packet once per ms. If you can transmit more than 1 packet in a millisecond then looping sending the worst combination of those. The time within the ms doesn’t matter so if you send two packets in 1ms then you can send them back to back and go silent for the test of the period rather than with the normal timing between them.

While not technically required a software tool to allow easy adjustment of the internal registers/settings is very useful. This is especially true for the PG_DELAY and TX_POWER registers.
Application note 23 from Application Notes - Qorvo can be very helpful in this process.