DW1000 signal power amplification

I wanted to design a UWB node with a power amplifier. However, the circuit I designed could not achieve TOF ranging. It could not receive respond frame and timed out.

I wonder if you provide a reference circuit with a power amplifier? Could you please send relevant reference materials?

At the same time, I attach the circuit designed by me. Could you please help me check whether there is any problem?

Have you tested your system connecting the antenna directly to U5 pin 1 to verify operation without the amplifier circuit?

I assume that not all of R13-R16 are fitted and that you have set the GPIO pins to the correct modes?

On the DW1000 your schematic shows pings 15, 18 and 19 all connected to the same net. While correct in terms of logical connections these should not be routed like that and have very strict layout requirements. Did you follow the requirements in the datasheet and application notes?

And you do realise that the DW1000 is able to hit the regulatory limits on transmit power without any external amplifiers? Unless you have a very lossy antenna then you’re going to be well off the power limit for license free operation.

Hi, Andy

Yes, I have tested my system without the PA circuit, it’s available.

I saw the relevant layout requirements in the forum, I will redesign my PCB board and check the relevant power limit regulations.