DW1000 receiving multiple responses for single pin


      I am trying to receive multiple responses for single transmit.

Basically I am keeping multiple anchors and a single tag is broadcasting a message. All anchors are receiving it. Now from the tag side,
I am receiving only one response, then I am forced to restart the rx again. By the time the response from other anchors are missed.

I can independently address each anchor and get response to calculate individual distance using round trip time. But in this case I need to do multiple RF activity on air. Instead I am trying to do a single ping to all anchors and waiting for response from each anchor. But I am not sure how I will receive multiple data without again restarting the rx according to the simple ranging example.

I am using multiple DWM1000 modules. (5 modules). I don’t have any other hardware dev kit like trek1000 etc.


You are correct. The DW1000 can only receive one frame/message at a time. You need to delay the responses from the anchors so that the tag has enough time to receive response and then re-enable the receiver before the next frame is scheduled to arrive.

Note: this is how TREK 1000 works … one poll, up to 4 responses and then a single final message.

Hi Zoran,

      That means 4 anchors should have 4 different delayed TX timing, say 300uS, 400uS, 500uS, 600uS or what ever the closest value the tag can receive by considering the time required to save the data and re-enable the receiver.

Am I right?

yes, exactly, the tag frame reception processing, and RX re-enabling time will depend on the tag MCU speed, SPI rate, interrupt latency etc.


by reducing suitably the RX buffer of tag, and by spacing anchors suitably it might be possible to achieve ranging even without make time scheduling for anchors?