DW1000 Preamble length


Two DW1000s communicate with each other. Is it possible to communicate normally even when the preamble length is different? If normal communication is possible, I want to know why. When I did a simple test, it seemed to be a communication but it did not seem to be normal. And what exactly does the preamble symbol mean? I want you to let me know whether the symbol is abstract or bit.

Help me, Please

Preamble is a TX configuration, but also some RX settings need to be adjusted e.g. PTO, SFD TO, etc. I am not sure what you mean bu “normal” communication. You can have one device TX at short preamble, and other at long preamble, but you will need to configure receiver accordingly. Note, the dwt_configure assumes that the receiver is expecting the same preamble length as the transmitter is configured for. You may need to bypass the dwt_configure API and configure relevant registers separately if you are using different preambles in different devices. Usually all devices in the system have same settings to keep them uniform and have same performance (e.g. same range/sensitivity).