DW1000 PHY header error

In my custom board tag sending beacon every 1 second, in my anchor side for most of the beacon i receive PHY Header error; my tag sleep 1s and wakeup; what will be cause ?

There could be several possible causes for receiving PHY header errors when receiving beacons from a tag in a wireless communication system. Some potential causes include:

  1. Interference: If there is interference from other wireless devices or sources, it could disrupt the communication between the tag and the anchor.
  2. Range: If the distance between the tag and the anchor is too great, it could result in weak or lost signals and cause errors in the communication.
  3. Signal strength: If the signal strength between the tag and the anchor is weak, it could result in errors in the communication.
  4. Configuration: The configuration of the wireless communication system, such as the frequency and data rate, could be misconfigured and result in errors.
  5. Hardware issues: There could be hardware issues with the tag or anchor, such as a damaged antenna or a malfunctioning radio module, which could cause errors in the communication.

It is recommended to try to troubleshoot the issue by testing for interference, checking the range and signal strength, and ensuring that the configuration is correct. It may also be helpful to test the hardware to ensure that it is functioning properly.