Dw1000 packet collision issue

Hi, I’m testing our anchor & tag range system using dw1000.
the anchor works well under 1 tag & 1 anchor test, but when there are more than 2 anchors working, anchors often stop working and can not recieve any more packets from tag. I doubt that this is caused by packet colliision, because anchors send response packets randomly. Is there error recovery scheme within dw1000?

Just for shits and giggles try running two anchor tag combinations at the same time on different channels. They should work fine.

Probably has nothing to do with collisions and everything to do with the software.

DW1000 will stop receiving once is gets a receive event (e.g. good frame, RX error, timeout). The the receiver needs to be enabled again. When the anchor stops - what is the last event? Does the receiver get re-enabled again?