DW1000 Not Responding


I am trying to Read Reg from DW1000. But Chip is not Responding.

My DW1000 SPI mode is 0.

I am trying to read 0x06 Reg but Chip is Not Responding , I checked MISO pin also not getting anything.

So before that I should Do any wakeup related task on DW1000 Side ?

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Hardik,
Is the DW1000 positioned on your own IC or module based design?
Mode 0 is OK, but is your SPI speed < 20 MHz.

I attach APS022, please have a look at the SPI section
LeoAPS022_Debugging_DW1000_based_products_systems_v1.3.pdf (721.0 KB)

Hello DecaLeo,

That is our Own Custom Board where we place Dw1000 Chip.

SPI speed is 2MHz.

Thanks & Regards,