DW1000 Multi Tags and Multi Anchors

Hello Guys. recently I have bought 4 DW1000 modules for my project.
I wanted to connect them to ESP32 module for its micro controller and sent distance to Main Server over WIFI.
I found thotro’s library that is programmed for my hardware and work.
This: https://github.com/thotro/arduino-dw1000

I tested it with 3 Anchors and 1 tag, it seems to work great.
after testing I run it with more tags. but it sucks. as I research about dw1000 Two ranging protocol and its limitation, I found out there is a multi-stage session in a popular way.
someone said that:

  • Anchor receives two BLINKs from TAG1 and TAG2
  • Anchor sends one Ranging_INIT to both of them (broadcast)
  • Anchor receives two Poll messages from each of Tags
  • Anchor sends one PollAck message (broadcast to all Tags)
  • Anchor receives first Range(from TAG1 for example) msg and calculates the distance
  • Anchor receives second Range(from TAG2 for example) msg and calculates the distance
    Measurement starts from third point.

in this lib there is a limitation for receiving and timing and syncing. as i know each anchor can be received data or Poll at a time.
for doing this with many anchors, for example 12 Anchors (maybe more needed) and 5 Tags we faced to many complexity. i saw a decawave product mdek1001 and I realized there is limitation about scenario(tags+anchors numbers) if anchors/tags numbers are changed our library and algorithm must be changed. it is totally dynamic. can’t be done once for any scenario.
We want to implement indoor positioning for a place about 4000 meter. 40x100.

and I guess we need implementation from zero? writing a library ? is there a simple way or a ready development tool for my goal and related to my hardware?