I bought DW1000 evaluation KIT. yesterday I have a problem with 1 of the anchor node, suddenly the LCD shows message “ERROR INIT FAIL” in the middle of experiment.
I try to find the problem from the user manual “EVK1000 USER MANUAL”, it said that we should make sure the switch 2(S2) is all ON position, but its not solve the problem. I try to change the DIP switch from ON to OFF then back to ON again several times, but still error.
Do you know why this error happens? Because the error message is appear suddenly, and we did not change the configuration from the beginning.

forget to mention, my Decawave version still V2.10. Do I need to update the software?

can you check that U2 component has not broken off? - top right corner (LCD side facing you)

From the physical look, the U2 component is not broken. How to check it is broken or not?
every time I turn on the device, LED 5,6,7, and 8 are ON.
I am not sure why this error happen suddenly.


the LEDs come on when the STM32 micro on-board cannot read DW1000 device ID over SPI. Thus it says to toggle the S2 switches in case they are not making good contact. Also S3 3 and 4 should be off.

Good Morning. I have the same problem. I check S2, S3 and still with this error.
have any suggestions ? Thanks

Same problems, same answers…

INIT error could be power (1.8v) , but also the fact that the S2 switches don’t make (proper) contact.

Could you toggle all S2 switched off/on. You may need to do this a few times.

You should hear a “click” when contact is made.

Anyways, if the 1.8V is gone faulty.

Could you change the jumpers of J2 and J3 as indicated in picture attached. (see also schematic page 1)

I also send you the schematic , with the BOM on the last page.
I hope it does the trick

If this does not work than you would have to contact your distributer (Digikey?) to initiate a RMA process, to get a replacement kit.

It will require the complete kit to be sent back i.e not just the faulty board(s).

InitError.pdf (112.1 KB) EVB1000_schematic.pdf (636.7 KB)


Did you solve this problem? I just got the same problem…all LEDs (5,6,7,8) are on and cannot recognize the device :frowning: . Please help … thank you so much!
John Wei Thank you!