dw1000 land pattern


where can i get recommended land pattern for the dw1000?

Best regards/ Johan Olofsson.

Pretty sure it is in the DW1000 DS

See also the DXF files here

DW1000 datasheet does not have recommended land pattern. Only drawing of the curcuits.
I tried to read the DXF files. All works except the top copper.

Is there no one here from decawave, that can provide the land pattern?

8.3.5 Layout Guidance An application note is available from Decawave together with a set of DXF files to assist customers in reproducing the optimum layout for the DW1000. PCB land-pattern libraries for the DW1000 are available for the most commonly used CAD packages. Contact Decawave for further information.
I have contacted decawave for further assistans about land pattern, but no response…


Dear Ken and Johan,

Please find attached an ASCII format footprint that you should be able to import into your layout package. It was created it in PADS Power PCB, if you can use this in native format, its included too.

Please let me know if you need any further help.

Hope this helps!



does someone have the exact recommended DW1000 land pattern dimensions ?

I downloaded the file “aph006_pcb_layout.zip” from the official decawave website, but I can only open 2 out of 3 files.

It looks like the file “DW1000_IC_PCB_TopCopperOnly.dxf” is corrupted.

I am not able to open it. The other two files work fine for me.

thank you.