DW1000 Interaction with multiple devices

I am new to this. So sorry if this is a dumb question.
How many devices can the DW1000 interact with simultaneously?

Just like any broadcast system each transmission can be picked up by an near infinite number of other units, the limitation is how many you can fit within range without the closer units blocking the signal from reaching the further ones.

But interact implies a two way communication. Only one device can be transmitting at the same time or the signals interfere with each other. So it depends on how you define “simultaneous”, the upper limit is dependent on the length of the messages transmitted and the method used for deciding whos turn it is to transmit.

The minimum length packet that can be transmitted is just over 100us giving a limit of 8 or 9 transmissions per ms assuming you can achieve perfect synchronization. This would imply 8-9000 DW1000 transmissions per second. If each “interaction” was a single ping and reply then that would imply that there could be ~4000 interactions per second.