DW1000 IC performance


We are using DW1000 in our product for ranging application.

In first lot production we have used “DW1000 w228E-1N N3US05.00 PH2030”(Marking on IC) and its working fine.

In second lot we have used “DW1000 w228E-1N P030004X PH2037”(Marking on IC) and its not performing as expected. we see lot of RX,TX,Frame error while ranging. which is causing issue not working as expected.

we want know “DW1000 w228E-1N P030004X PH2037” IC is proper or it has any know issue or factory rejected ICs?

Can you check if the issue follows the board or the DW1000 device. So for example remove a PH2030 from a working board and replace with a PH2037 device.
BTW PH2030 == Week 30, Year 2020.
Any other changes in components from the first board build to the second?

Thanks for the Reply.

Our host controller is nrf52 and identified that nrf52 was causing timing issue, which results in DW1000 ranging error. After fixing nrf52 timing issue(disable internal DCDC) DW1000 ranging works fine.

Thanks for coming back with the update. Good to hear the issue is resolved.