DW1000 GPIO4&5&6 timing

Hi all:

when i use Gpio4&5&6 to control EXT pa&switch&Lna by setting Gpio mode as follow:

Mode Selection for GPIO4/EXTPA. Allowed values are:
01: The pin operates as the EXTPA output.

01: The pin operates as the EXTTXE output

01: The pin operates as the EXTRXE output

i want to know the timing of 4&5&6。
when Dw1000 was tx&rx status,which gpio was opened first? how are the time delay between them?

Thank-you for your help.

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Hi Lucas

Could I ask what you have tried yourself eg by using example code 3a and what results have you seen?
Would you have tried this by setting msgp5 and msgp6 into mode 1 to see the EXTTXE and EXTRXE signals onto a scope ?


Hi Leo:

thanks for your reply.
we have tested GPIO4&5&6 on the scope by setting MSGP4&5&6 to mode 1.
and the result is as below.
test condition:
Hardware: TTK1000 anchor board.
Source code :TTK1000_Release_1.1
test time: capturing tx burst start。(150ms CCP)
GPIO4 will be high earllier 8ns than GOIP5。

if we use GPIO4 to control the power on/off of a extPA, 8ns is enough or not?
we have choosed GALI-39+ of Mini-Circuits for supporting channel 2&5 at the same time.
HMC326 has a enable pin, but his frequency is only at 3.0-4.5GHZ.