DW1000 API into DWM1001

I have a DWM1001-Dev board and I was wondering if and how I could use the API provided for the DW1000 in the DWM1001.

From the schematic of the DWM1001, it’s clear that the nRF52 is connected to the DW1000 via Serial Port 1 so, technically, the deca_device.c that contains the API and the driver to drive the SPI interface from/to the DW1000.

I’ve read that there are specific API for the DWM1001 in the document DWM1001 FIRMWARE APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE (API) GUIDE but they have limited capability such as, it is not possible to read the register that contains the timestamp when a message has been sent or received

Hey there.
Ok if you want to develop your own firmware you can use the ss-twr examples on the github repository and use the ide to do that. You could use the Segger for example for program. But that document is referent in a different way to code your application. That mean that you can code a part of code to run on original firmware. There are some documents that explain this better then me.

So, basically, I should take DW1000 Device Driver and adapt it to make them work on the nRF52832 (on the SP1) and add the function I need from the DW1000 API to the firmware (FW2 section) I’m going to flash via Segger on the DWM1001-Dev

This should be the workflow from what I have understood, is it right?

Hey there again!.

I used this example to start learning the comunications and all that stuff because i wanted to develop my own firmware: GitHub - Decawave/dwm1001-examples: Simple C examples for Decawave DWM1001 hardware
There you have the examples and how to install the respective IDE to try it out.
Note that, for this you can use a documentation called decawave API guide (or something like that). This document is obtained on the Decawave website along with some other examples (code) how to implement some different functionalities.
There is a particularity on PANS2.0 firmware (original coming with the MDEK1001 devices that I acquire), where you actualy use eclipse IDE for example, to compile a small version of c code and “store it” on the original firmware. You can see this more detailed on the website again, search for software packages or spomething like that. Overall my recommendation is to take a look on the website and see the downloads part, there you have alot of content to search and read.
Hope i could help.