Dw 3000 tx power adjustment - example 19

Someone please advise whete to find example 19 - TX Power Adjustment Example

Hi @robogo ,

I’ve replied in another topic.

I found the example code but, I can’t find the default power setting. To use the tx_power_adjustment function you need to supply it the ref_tx_power, which I don’t know and can’t find.

I can print out the shareable configuration data as raw bytes but can decipher what is the tx_power setting.

Hi @robogo ,

The ref_tx_power is set in the same example.

Ths is the tx_power_setting corresponding to a frame of 1ms.

And then the dwt_adjust_tx_power function will calculate the adjusted TxPower setting by applying a boost over a reference TxPower setting.

So as you can see below, the tx_power setting in this example will depend on the frame duration after applying the boost.

Hope it helps,

Got all that. However, the 36363636 value is just a low value for this example. I doubt it his the default value set in NVM for the NearbyInteraction demo code from Qorvo.

I need to get that ref_tx_power value and the Frame duration for the nearbyIOnteraction distance data frames and then set boost value from there.

Otherwise, I will just start with different ref_tx_power values with a boost of zero.