DRTLS apk issue

What do the numbers in the picture mean? I wonder if this is a metric. Ex) 4000-> 4m?

Hi Jinu Choi

I can’t say for sure, but I think these are indeed distances between nodes in the network.The DRTLS system works by measuring the distance between tags and nearby anchors using TWR (Two Way Ranging). If enough anchors (3-4) are in reach of the tag, the tag uses these distances to calculate it’s “absolute” position.

Since the coordinates are measured in millimeters, I assume these distances are also in mm, though I don’t see this documented explicitly.

thank u for the answer!!
Since there are only two anchors and one tag, we tested whether we can measure the distance between the anchor and the tag. If the displayed distance in the log is mm, it seems to be working properly. The distance between the two nodes was 4m. by the way, can you share any documentation related to drtls?