Double buffering- Getting same interrupts twice once re-enabling the doublebuffering


     I am getting the interrupt twice for the same frame when i re-enable the double buffering .

Please go through the below sudo code.

  [font=Arial Black]    doublebuffer_enable(true);[/font]

[font=Arial Black] [/font][font=Arial Black]st[/font][font=Arial Black]art_rx([/font][font=Arial Black]);[/font]
[font=Arial Black] -----interrupt [/font][font=Arial Black]received[/font][font=Arial Black] for[/font][font=Arial Black] frame_[/font][font=Arial Black]1[/font]
[font=Arial Black] [/font][font=Arial Black]read_rx();[/font]
[font=Arial Black] double[/font][font=Arial Black]buffer_enable(false);[/font]
[font=Arial Black] -----interrupt [/font][font=Arial Black]received for frame_2[/font]
[font=Arial Black] [/font][font=Arial Black]read_rx();[/font]
[font=Arial Black] delay_ms(1000);[/font]
[font=Arial Black] doublebuffer_enable(true);[/font]
[font=Arial Black] -----interrupt received again for the same frame_2 , even before i turn on the receiver.[/font]

What may be the reason for getting duplicate interrupt ?
How can i handle this? Help me .

Thanks & Regards
Madhu Raj

Please review the double buffer operation in the User Manual and the simple examples from API package. Please pay attention to clearing of the events/toggling the buffer pointer, and syncing the pointers when enabling/disabling the double buffer operation.