Dots are too small

I Like NS-like schematics. In LTspice it’s OK, but I think that visually the dots are too small in Qspice. What do you think ?


@Pascal ,

When you speak of ‘dots’ do you mean dots forming a line object or dots (‘.’) with ASCII text?


I am talking about schematics, so I mean the dots that connect the wires.


I believe there is a ‘fix’ for that.
Here is a simple schematic with standard CAD line thickness (1.5) and dots.

Now go to the menu bar and select Edit/Preferences.

Select a bigger thickness value like “3.0”.

The line thicknesses and dot sizes are increased. See the same schematic below.

When you create new schematics, the updated CAD Line Thickness you selected is still active.

I hope this helps.


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That suggestion is NOT a fix.

I reported this issue in the middle of summer, but it got shot down.

QSPICE needs two new options:

  • Dot Size Relative to Line Size?

  • Type of Dot? (round or square)

The following is a screen capture from LTspice…


For me, dots twice as big are OK. Maybe it’s just a matter of multiplying a constant by two in the code…

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@Pascal, hopefully this is not a dead thread, and maybe some day we will have the option to adjust the size of the wire junction. For various reasons this is what I need in my schematics: