Does the PAC5xxx support low-power mode?

Hi, Does the PAC5xxx support low-power mode? Thank you for your answer!

Here’s a summary of its low power mode capabilities:

  1. Sleep Mode:
  • Functionality: In this mode, the ARM Cortex-M0 CPU is put to sleep.
  • Wake-up Sources: The CPU can be woken up by any interrupt such as timers or communication events.
  1. Deep Sleep Mode:
  • Functionality: This mode gates the ACLK, HCLK, and some of the FCLK clocks, effectively putting the CPU and most system peripherals to sleep.
  • Available Peripherals: Only a few peripherals remain active to wake up the system, including the RTC (GP Timer), WDT, and GPIOs.
  • Wake-up Sources: The system can be woken up by the RTC (GP Timer) or WDT, which re-enable the clocks and interrupt the Cortex-M0.
  1. Hibernate Mode:
  • Functionality: This is an ultra-low power mode where the system uses minimal current (typically 18µA). All internal regulators and the MMSS controller are shut down to eliminate power drain from output supplies.
  • Exit Conditions: The system exits hibernate mode after a configurable wake-up timer duration (125ms to 8s or infinite) or an additional push button event.
  • System Reinitialization: Upon exiting hibernate mode, the power manager goes through the start-up cycle and the microcontroller is reinitialized, with only persistent power manager status bits retained.