Does the beta PDoA kit support CIR extraction?

Hi all, I am new to beta PDoA kit. The kit has a DWM1002 node and a DWM1003 tag. Is the node able to extract channel impulse response for sophisticated manipulation as TREK1000 toolkit does?



Hi Parsley,

No, the released firmware doesn’t support reading the CIR data.
However you can modify the firmware, it has all the required API functions, particularly dwt_readaccdata().
Just take care of the buffers, to read the whole CIR you need to transfer 4065 bytes through SPI, not sure that it can be done in one transfer.

Why do you need this data? Usually it is considered as a kind of diagnostic tool, it makes sense to use it on EVK1000 kit.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I’m working on a project which needs to extract the lower-level data to serve sensing purpose. I think looking into the firmware makes sense. I will see how it works. Thanks!