Does the app measure distance with 1 anchor + 1 tag?

Hello, I’m doing a proyect in which I need to measure distances, so I’m doing it with this module.

I have uploaded the firmware into the two devices, put them in the same net in the app but when I go to the Autopositioning option, it fails.

I’m new using this, so I dont know if it fails because the app needs more than 1 Anchor or if the problem is in the firmware (I attach a video showing the leds in case this helps)

I tried to do my task following the DWM1001 Gateway Quick Deployment Guide, but i have the problems said before, so if anyone could make me another recomendation it would help me a lot.

Thank you so much

Hi @electronic_user_1
the autoposition feature is purely for anchors and not for anchor-tag. And for autopositionng you need at least 3 anchors.

If you only need the distances between anchors and tag, then you dont need to set position for the anchor/initiator. Just power them and then run “les” command in shell on the tag. That would give you the distance between anchor and tag.