Does DWM3001CDK supports angle of arrival?

Hello, I am using DWM3001CDK boards for distance measurement and angle of arrival calculation. I followed some steps in the developer guide provided in the documentation section to get my result. I used two boards one as an anchor and the other as a tag, for both the boards I dumped the hex file given in the guide folder named uci. Then run the Python scripts provided to make one an initiator and the other a responder, I think it has the algorithm for distance measurement and other things. Then used the Qorvo one gui for visualization and got the range but it said AoA not supported. If anyone knows the answer please guide me.

Thank you.

P.S: I am using only two boards for testing purposes then increase the anchors and tags based on that.

Hi, the DWM3001CDK contains a DW3110 which has a single antenna port and which is not AoA capable.

For AoA, you can use this kit: QM33120WDK1 - Qorvo

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