Does any one know where to find the offical power requirement of the DWM3001CDK

The DWM3001c module datasheet says it will take 2.5V to 3.6V input.

However, I see no specs on the DWM3001CDK board.

We’d like to deploy some of the DWM3001CDK boards with batteries. Some are using 3.7V lipos via the battery connector and via the power wire holes.

When not powering via J9 jlink USB, I assume the JLink chip isn’t getting power(ie. flashing red led). Even with a voltage drop from the onboard voltage regulator, I assume we are supplying sufficient power to the board.

I have had one anchor mounted with a 3.2V LiFePo battery for a month and its still functioning.

Does anyone have a clue of what the DWM3001CDK current draw is? I have desoldered the j3 & j5 connections and all the leds are out except the top one.

Can’t find the code that will turn them off. There is an Leds_off function but that didn’t do anything when I turned it off. I am building version with a solar cell, to trickle charge the battery.

It would be nice to know what the current draw and minimum voltage requirements are so I can correctly size the battery and solar cell.

Does anyone have stats on current draw ranges for low/?idle and high/streaming distance data.

Hi @robogo
the CDK is a just a dev kit so it is not superior HW for deploy. It is aimed for debugging and etc.

Regarding your questions - the most easy way is to take a look at the schematics 8-). All your questions are answered there.

The top LED is controlled by Segger IC and not by DWM3001C.

The segger IC is powered all the time as it is powered from 3V3 power rail and its power consumption is something around 10-15mA (if recall it correctly).

The segger IC can be powered down by desoldering J16 (main power cutout for Segger IC), but then you should desolder also J6 (reset line), J17 + J18 (SWD lines) and J14 + J15 (UART lines). You need to unplug UART and SWD lines to prevent current leakage from DWM3001 to segger IC. But then you will be not able to debug anymore.

How many AH is your LiFePo mattery?