Does an anchor detect distance between itself and a tag?

I’m still a bit confused about this. I’d like to somehow get the information relative to the distance in respect to a tag of 3 anchors. For what I’ve read I still don’t know if an anchor can provide me with an output signal with this information so I can later play with it. Is it possible to personalize the anchor program?


Hi , I’m not sure what SW you’re using . But if you look at the TREK1000 software , its doing exactly what you’re asking.
The TAG polls the Anchors to initiate TWR messaging for the ANCHOR to know its distance to the TAG.
TREK1000 code is available from our website, but find source code description to explain in more detail the above attached.
Any yes, you can tailor the code as much as you like to meet your requirements.
The TREK1000 harware is no longer available , however the software is.DecaRangeRTLS_ARM_Source_Code_Guide.pdf (1.2 MB)

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