Documentation on MQTT topics and message payloads


I am using a DWM1001 as gateway and forward the MQTT messages to another broker. Everything is working fine, but I needed to consult the form to find out where the IoT data is going to (/dwm/node//uplink/data).

Is there some official documentation which describes the topics for tags/anchors/gateways and the messages on these topics?

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Hi Alex,

I am not sure if there is a such documentation. But if you subscribe to all topics ‘dwm/#’ on a running system then you should get all possible uplink topics and formats of the MQTT.

See also these topics


That’s what I’m doing right now. I was just wondering if perhaps there was something official. Probably not, then. Thanks!


I’m having similar problems as, and would like to ask if there hven been changes regarding a documentation about mqtt topics.

This would be a tremendous help for developing without direct or permanent access to a DWM Network and Gateway.

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