Documentation for dwm_backhaul_xfer for gateway with different SPI host

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Currently we are testing the MDEK1001,and I am investigating if we can use the gateway backhaul functionality over SPI interface (dwm_backhaul_xfer API call) with another platform than the raspberry pi (such as ESP32).
I have found an old thread with the same question , where they refer to the missing documentation of the dwm_backhaul_xfer() function.

The current API documentation (v2.2) seems to have quite some information about the call.
Has the documentation been improved since May 2019? Version control of the DWM1001 Firmware API Guide says the latest version is from 29 March 2019, so it shouldn’t be the case.
Is there some missing information that I am overlooking?

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seriously, the backhaul documentation is really very lacking. I wonder if anyone could provide example on how to set a tag’s LED off from a bridge node.