Distance Measurements vs XYZ Coordinates

I am using the MDEK1001. I would like to know why the program log sometimes includes dist measurements to each anchor (the 4 top anchors) and sometimes includes XYZ (calculated XYZ based on distances). I can’t figure out when one occurs vs the other. Thanks in advance!

Hi Andersenelias,

A position will be calculated by the location engine (trilateration algorithm) under the conditions below :

  1. The tag was able to range to at least 3 anchors, maximum 4. In this case, you will have distances to 3 anchors (max 4) in the log.

  2. A solution exist when running trilateration using the distances to anchors. In this case, in addition to the distances, a position will be reported.

In theory, if the log contains 3 ranges, you almost always have a position calculated.

If it is not the case, there is a fair chance the initial setup (coordinates of each anchors) is very inaccurate, and as a consequence, there is no solution when running trilateration.

Maybe verify your anchors coordinates and let us know how it goes.

Thank you