Distance measure questions

Hi everyone,
we are looking for a module that can measure the distance to other modules. These objects will not stand still but will be free to move both in open and closed spaces.
We are evaluating various roads, according to you which is the best of the following roads:

  • use of the DWM1001C and therefore going to work directly with nRF52832 MCU
  • use of the DWM1000 and then interface through one of our MCUs to the Decawave module


Hi Alessandro,
for my point of view, if you want a large range, maybe 1001 is not the appropriate with maximum distance 35 meters. So it is better with DWM1000 for the range, better for the frequency and to choose your channel. For accuracy and detection, it is the same.
Best regards
Michel Seyrac

Hi Michell, thanks for the reply.
35 meters as maximum distance are more than enough.
What do you mean with the DWM1000 is better for the frequency?
With the choice of the channel what improvements could I have?

Best regards,

Atmospheric losses increase with frequency. So all things being equal a lower frequency will give you more range.