Distance from anchor to tag and it's quality

Hi, when I use MDEK1001, I can get the pose of the anchor, the pose of tag , the quality of the tag pose, and the distance from anchor to tag to, I wonder if I can get the quality of these

Hey there!
I kinda did not understand your question(?).
Using the Pans2.0, the firmware that the mdek1001 kit has when you acquired them, you can get the distance between the tag and each anchor and the quality factor i think. Using the command les. When you have more then 3 ranges from the anchors to the tag it is possible to calculate the position. I’m assuming that you configure all the needs (anchors x,y z position and the data rate,…).
If you want something more “elaborated” you probably have to develop your owm firmware to seek out more information.

Thanks very much! I am trying developping firmware myself.