Distance data is not displayed on the LCD screen of EVB board


We have EVK1000 kit. The DEMO code worked fine for us.

Meanwhile I have downloaded the EVK1000 source code of CubeMX version from Decawave site and built it using Atollic TrueStudio. I have integrated ST Link utility to Atollic IDE and flashed built code to one of the EVB1000 board which was working as ANCHOR.

Flashing was successful and I got all the display messages on LCD screen as expected but the instantaneous and average distance values are not displayed (Attached image for reference as below EVB100_LCD_error.png)

I have also debugged and checked whether the Range_result is calculating as expected or not. I was able to see the exact distance as calculated as shown in the TAG side. But I am not sure why the data is not displayed on LCD. Generic Sprint API is not working as expected.
as in EVB100_lCD_debugInfo.png

You flashed the SW onto one of the boards…

I suggest you load teh SW on both boards as the other board may still have version 3.05 loaded (from the factory).

So make sure SW on both boards are identical . The is also a cubeMX 3.11.bin file already available in the package you downloaded , so you could use that one also

I have followed your suggestion to load the SW onto other board as well. But I am facing some strange issue where both boards are stuck.
Anchor is stuck @ AWAITING POLL
Tag is stuck @ RANGING WITH xxxxxxxx

But If I flash the cubeMX 3.11.bin file given in the package, boards are working fine.

Is there any settings to do in Atollic for CubeMX project? But I see the CubeMX project is sussesfully imported into Atollic and code is built successfully.

Hello, was there a solution for this problem? I couldnt find it and I am having the same issue.

I downloaded the sw package and built 3.11 with STM32CubeIDE. After I flash the 3.11 bin to the Tag it gets stuck @RANGING WITH xxxxxxxx. The Anchor is stuck at showing the first ranging result.

It does not matter which sw version is run on the Anchor. Anchor flashed with the built bin works fine as long as the Tag uses 3.05 or 3.11bin included the in the sw package.