Distance Calculation method in TDOA

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i would like to study how to calculate Distance using TDOA method. i studied TOF method using two way ranging using synchronized TX and RX. now i would like to study about TDOA.
can anybody suggest any document for this. so that i can clear my doubt.


This paper is very informative of the process:
A Robot Self-Localization System using One-Way Ultra-Wideband Communication

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i think Decawave till not used a TDOA method and i don’t think, decawave have a such coding for this. Because i studied SDK2.14, there i did not found anything about one way ranging.
everything is about 2 way ranging only.


In section III, the paper covers the TDoA algorithm. The implementation is found:
Bitcraze TDoA Tag implementation.
I have implemented the same algorithm https://github.com/snyderth/ArduinoLPS/.

You are correct in that there is no API for TDoA calculations. You will have to write the algorithm yourself.