Distance between tags and smartphone equipped by application Decawave


We have tried demo tags with the Android demo app, it seems to work properly in our 30mx30m warehouse configuration. Although we already observed with two tags the slowing down of refresh on a smartphone with the Decawave application. The distance between tags and smartphone is less than 15 cm in the tests. My first question concerns the Distance between tags and smartphone. If I increses the distance to 30 m can I detect the tag and what is the maximaum distance between tag and gateway or smartphone? The second question : if i have 50 tags in a space of 500m x50 how many ancres can I uses?


Hi Essefi,

Communication between tags and anchor is based on BLE. You should be able to reach 10m but above that may be difficult and will highly depend on the environment and potential obstacles.

Communication between listener and tags is done over UWB. Range should reach 25-30m, it will also depend on the environment.

Regarding the number of anchors, it is difficult to answer as it depend a lot on the topology of the area. Please have a look at the section 7 in the document below :

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