Distance between Nodes comunication

Hi, im using the Github GitHub - Decawave/dwm1001-examples: Simple C examples for Decawave DWM1001 hardware and using the examples of : ss_twr_init_int project and ss_twr_resp project , (one in each node) and i got a really great distance (55 meters in LOS) as you can see in the picture.


But then when i use the stack of mdek kit(put at least 3 anchors , 1 tag, and a listener or gateway) i got just 12-11 meters between nodes and i start to get problems with the signal ( I know that is using the multilateration to calculate the distance)

A big difference between both configuration is that in the “stack” we are receiving more than 1 Tag position but in the “ss” we just receive 1Tag

So, the multilateration decrease the distance ?


The trilateration does not decrease the distance, but you must have a good connection between the tag and each anchor in order to have a successful trilateration (in particular good line of sight).

We have tested a network with 25-30 meters between anchors (forming a square) and we get good performance. The diagonal in this situation is about 40 meters, so it means the tag will have to range over this distance if it it in one of the square corner.

Can you give more detail about your setup with 11 meters and 3 anchors ? In particular line of sight condition and height of the anchors and tag ? I would recommend to directly process the range and position out of the tag (using the command les), so you will directly why is the tag not brodcasting its position. Most likely it is not able to range with an anchor reliably.


yes, this is my setup :

The “blue” block its about 6.5m x 6.5m and the figures inside the block is a table(wood)
The tags are in 2.25 meters