Distance between antennas for PDoA

I originally calculated the distance between 0.45 times the wavelength of UWB channel 5 to be 22.769mm, but I later discovered that the correct value is 20.788mm. This can be calculated using the formula (299792458 / 6489.6 * 10^6) * 100 * 10 * 0.45. I realize now that I may have made an error in my initial calculation, perhaps due to fatigue. Can you confirm if my new calculation is correct?

Also, I made the pcb and it is quite off, if I want to use PDoA gui, do I have to rewrite some of the code like get getDlist?

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I mean Can anyone confirm my calculation, it was a typo.

Also, I conducted tests on UWB channel 9 and found that it yielded better results, albeit with occasional frame drops. If I decide to use a channel 9 configuration, the calculated distance between 0.45 times its wavelength can be determined using the formula (299792458 / 7987.2 * 10^6) * 100 * 10 * 0.45, which gives a value of 16.89035mm. Could someone please verify that my new calculation is accurate?

Hi @wlph17
for the CH9 we have successfully used cca 16.75mm so your calculation is correct.



Thank you so much for your help

Hi wlph17,
thanks for asking this question.
Have you success to use antenna distance under channel 9, 16.75mm?
Should I change the following variable or any other variables in the code accordingly if change the channel from 9 to 5 and use customer designed antenna distance?

The results are better, I am not using STM32, I was using SDK_CLI to do the testing and I did not change much settings.

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Thanks for your sharing !!