Directives for XY-plot

Hi @Engelhardt and Team

Any plan to add a spice directive to create XY-plot?


I wanna implement my own flavor of fra loop measurement which focused on system with long startup (so .step+.meas fra isnt applicable). I know how to export the data to a text file and plot it in excel. But i hope for something more convenient/easier.


Mashashi San,

Well noted,

I will try it soon, after I have another laptop with python…


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Please find this Nyquist diagram example.

The module is updated to offer a gain-margin / phase-margin searching method.
This example needs version 2023.10.29 of PyQSPICE, please update it if you already installed from pip/pip3.

Making just a Nyquist diagram is very simple of one-line starting “df.plot()”!

Making a fancy-looking plot requires many lines… :slight_smile:
The concept of this Python interface is to record your routine/preferred operations in your script and reuse, and no need to type every time…or just use this example as is if you like it.